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• Live Entertainment Friday & Saturday 8pm - 11pm
• Irish Drinking Songs, Traditional Irish Music, Blues & Rock

About Us

The Owners

Denise Burke and James Stevens fulfilled a dream of theirs to open an Irish pub and in 2007 they made it a reality in downtown Crystal River. Denise and James are true hands-on owners and whether you're looking for a night of craic or a quiet corner to sip a cool drink, they'll make sure you feel at home.

The Pub

In Ireland every town has one. It's the pub where the local's themselves go. They are a place that you can get a casual bite to eat or a few pints. Somewhere that makes you feel good about yourself and a place that is always bustling with the famous Irish atmosphere and hospitality. The most important thing about an Irish pub is that when people visit, they feel welcome. Stop in for a pint after a hard day's work or for pub favorites of Blue Chips or Irish Toasty. Bring in your friends to celebrate a birthday, retirement, wedding, divorce, or just a friendly face to converse with. This pub isn't your typical dingy bar, rather it has a touch of elegance.

The Music

Burkes of Ireland has become a premier venue for a variety of live Irish music to it's patrons. Traditional jigs and reels mix comfortably with the rousing rebel songs and heartfelt ballads of yesterday. Besides the Irish venue, we select only the best and unique entertainment such as blues, country, R&B and classic rock. Whether your inside the pub singing along or out back in the beer garden dancing up a storm, you're sure to have an enjoyable time.

The Staff

Front of pubThe other important piece in what makes Burkes a special place is the staff. Behind the bar you will find James, an endless fountain of beer knowledge. Behind the scenes and in the kitchen is Denise, cooking up her latest soup creation or planning another fun event at the pub. Just having an interesting interior, menu, or entertainment is not enough without the right staff to make it all happen.. The staff at Burkes of Ireland, with their sincere personalities are as much a part of the success of this downtown institution as all the other elements.

The Parties

At Burkes of Ireland we love to throw a party for our patrons. Interesting themes such as Finnigans Wake production, Kentucky Derby, the Great Guinness Toast, Go Hog Wild Roast, Celebrity Bartender night for Charity, Halloween Costume Party, Not So Dry Run, Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest, Fat Tuesday, our famous Beer Dinners and of course St Patrick's Day!. If the sun is shining we will think up a party and throw.

The St Patrick's Day Party

If you are looking for a great Irish pub to enjoy a cold pint on Saint Patrick's Day, look no further than Burkes of Ireland. On this day we serve a true traditional Irish dish called Dublin Coddle with real Irish soda bread. The rest of the year our pub menu and specials will satisfy your appetite. But back to Saint Patrick's Day...Burkes of Ireland begins the day with our St Patrick's Day Dog Walking Parade for Charity where the streets are filled with costume clad dogs of every size and breed. Then it's back to the pub for a day full of live music out in the beer garden and of course, green beer lots and lots of it! Come early, grab a bite to eat, stay for the day and finish the night off with an Irish Car Bomb. So if you live in the Crystal River area or plan to visit, then head to Burkes of Ireland for Saint Patrick's Day.

The Guest

Finally, the last but certainly not the least of this picture is the guest. Whether they stop in for a quiet pint, or to gather with friends for a night of craic, it is the loyal Burkes customer that contributes most to the magic of the Irish pub. The goal of Burkes of Ireland is to strive to bring you the best that Irish culture has to offer right here in your own backyard without having to travel across the ocean.


Burkes of Ireland has always strived to show the best of what you expect when you enter an Irish pub and many who cross the threshold say the decor is reflective of the pubs in Ireland.