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• Live Entertainment Friday & Saturday 8pm - 11pm   • Happy Hour Tuesday - Friday 4pm - 7pm
• Irish Drinking Songs, Traditional Irish Music, Blues & Rock


Name: Carolyn Harper
 Comments: Celtic Greetings! Do you have wine or just beer? I will be there next week and..the week after. Please advise, Thank you!  Carolyn    We specialize in a large selection of craft and import beers both draft and in bottles. However we do also have a nice selection of red or white wines along with meade and sodas.  Look forward to meeting you and thank you,
Name:     Ron and Sue
 Comments: Are you doing anything for Valentines day? Any different food? Hope to see Stephens Green that night.  Ron and Sue Snell    Yes I am posting the event on Face Book  and our web site now. Steven's Green will be playing here for Valentines from 8 to 11  See you soon
Name:       kevin
 Comments: Denise and James,  Thanks so much for the hospitality and good time at your pub last friday night. Johnny was great and it was good partying with him and getting to know him. Thanks for my celtic cross as well as it is sitting proudly in our irish sitting room. We were pretty hung over for our trip to tallahassee saturday to see my daughter and her family but it was well worth it. We will be back and thanks again. Kevin and Denise  What a nice compliment! Yes we enjoy Johnny Norton so much and he is an awesome Irish performer too. Enjoy the celtic cross and think of us (sorry about the hangover) when you look at it! Thank you again.
Name:     bigguy
Comments:     I know it might be hard to believe, but your Turkey Testicle Festivle Night has made news all the way to South Dakota. You know, part of 'THE DAKOTAS' way back when. Anyhow, you may be assured that us 'Yankees' are impressed. Will stop in if I ever get that way.      WOW!!  What form of traffic did that news reach you? TV, NEWSPAPER or INTERNET?  It is amazing to know we have fans of the pub way out west or is that north?  Either way we say 'Thank You' for giving us this information and look forward to meeting you in person when you get to Florida! 
 Name:    Lynn
Comments:    What times does the Turkey Testicle Festival start?       Thank you for asking. Every year we hold the 'Turkey Testicle Festival' the night before Thanksgiving and usually starts at 2:00pm - and YES we do actually deep fry turkey testicles which are YUMMY with plenty of hot souce on them!
Name:      Tara
 Comments:       Went to the ST. Patty's Day Celebration last night.  Great atmosphere.  Great Beer.  Great set-up.  Little disappointed that I went to an Irish pub on St. Patty's day and didn't hear a single Irish song.  I of course had to come after work.  I stood in line.  Got in and heard live versions of AC/DC, John Denver, Johnny Cash, Rolling Stones?  The 9:00 band was very talented!  But again Stevie Ray Vaughn...not so Irish?  Good time just not green enough.        Tara I am so glad you had a good time but you must of come late in the evening when the Accelerators (a blues band) was playing as that was the ONLY non-irish entertainment we offered that day.  Our pub prides it self on being an authentic irish pub and thereby promotes irish food, customs and music.  We opened at 7am and the entertainment began with our "Dog Walking Parade for Charity" , then our Bag Piper - Kathy Garlock played at both 11am and 5pm, the 4 piece traditional irish music was played by SheepsHead and came on at 1:00, followed by 'irish' Steve O'Wright who picked up the beat with irish pub drinking and battle songs and lastly (which you heard) in the evening was the Accelerators playing blues into the end of the night for the dancers who wanted to kick up their heels.  Hope that clears things up a bit and see you again next year....Slainte'  
Name:      Lisa
Comments:      I am interested in joining the St Patrick's Day Dog Parade.  Can you give me info on how to sign up, please?        It is as simple as stopping in to let me know how many dogs you will have and then you pay the $10.00 and that is all.  If it is easier to just tell me through this email and then pay your $10.00 that morning then that is ok too.
Name:        Denise
Comments:          Hello Burkes of Ireland!  I am trying to get in touch with one of your customers, Mary who we met during the Manatee Festival in January.  My husband Bill and I (from NY) were there and had a great time!  We hope to back the next time we are in town, but would love to get in touch with Mary (and her husband Mark).  Hope you can help!  Enjoy the Super Bowl!           So glad you had a great time at the Manatee Festival. Mary and Mark come in most nights and I will let them know you are trying to reach them.
Name:        Cyndi Berryman
Comments:           Hi James & Denise . . . hope Ur Thanksgiving went well . . . we enjoyed the Turkey Testicle Festival!!  Good Job!!  Hope to see you soon  :)       Thank You !
Name:         Milton Kany
Comments:        Good for you 2 that you open up your own pub.  If I ever make it down to floriday, I'll look you up.      Thank You !
Name:         Supreme Elder
Comments:          To my old friend James, we miss you up here in NY!!!  To all you Floridians, I hope you are as proud of him as we are.  Ahem, Now onto business...  (lol). Ummm James, there is a vicious rumor that you have verbally disparaged the name of the great Grassroots music festival. Shame on you. Do not for a moment think that you are out of the reach of Thee Supreme Elder's power down there in Florida. The powers of the Supreme Elder run far and wide. You are never out of my reach young Jedi. I leave you now to ponder the inevitable consequences levied upon you by Thee Supreme One.
Ps-to all reading this-it is a bad inside joke so don' ask!   LOL        Signed,   Yes-Thee grand high exalted mystic supreme elder.      Thank You !
Name:         Amy Love
 Comments:           My favorite place to relax and hang with the great "peeps" of Crystal River.  An authentic Irish Pub with unique beer, fantastic food, warm atmosphere and great times!    Thank You !
Name:       Donna and Gregg
 Comments:               Love the site! Feels like looking at a family album. Love you both dearly, Donna and Gregg       Thank You !
Name:         TERI
 Comments:             Hi Guys!  Love the site and the brick wall background.  I feel like I am back at the Pub again.  Miss you both and all the fun at Burke's.       Thank You !
Name:       Bruce
Comments:           Great website guys. Hope to drop in again soon.       Thank You !
Name:         Donna
Comments:            Hi, are you dog friendly?          Yes the pub has a nice Beer Garden out back where you can relax with your dog in the comfort of mother nature.

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